Mission & Vision

Purpose: All Pakistan Gems Jewellers Traders and Exporters Association has been the national trade association representing all aspects of the Pakistani jewellery industry (PGJTEA). The PGJTEA provides a single resource for Retailers, Exporters, consumers, government, businesses and media to learn about the many elements of the Pakistani Jewellery industry.


Mission Statement: The PGJTEA has been the voice of the Pakistani Jewellery industry. The PGJTEA provides leadership and education to promote the adoption of best practices and information sharing among all its members. PGJTEA represents the interests of its members and the Pakistani Jewellery industry to promote fair and equitable consideration by all levels of government. It assists its members to afford services, information and technologies that support the integrity, security and profitability of their businesses, creating consumer trust and respect for the Pakistani Jewellery industry.


Our Vision: To increase Exports of Pakistan Jewellery and to develop and promote the growth and prosperity of all the members in the Gems and Jewellery industry across Pakistan.