Industry Advocacy

The PGJTEA participates in many forums with professional groups, including associations, businesses, schools and representatives of other industries. The association promotes the Pakistani Jewellery Industry, its practices and business interests aggressively in these forums, allowing us to gain supporters and sponsors for our own members’ activities. Participants have included publications, insurance firms, security operations, and marketing professionals, among others.

Government Relations

The PGJTEA monitors government activities that impact the Pakistani jewellery industry. With the wide range of operations under that umbrella, this involves a broad set of agencies and relationships.  Constant attention is paid to many areas, including the finance sector, export & Import Policies, international trade relations, taxes and duties, weights and measures, marketing and communications. The association offices maintain an on-going dialogue with all sectors of the industry, ensuring representation of all our interests to relevant agencies on a timely basis. Updates are supplied regularly to our members.  In support of the industry, the PGJTEA also provides information on all relevant activities on a regular basis through industry publications, newsletters, and other relevant media contacts.

Anti-Money Laundering

The Pakistani government works with international governments and agencies in order to better control money laundering and other financial irregularities that are often tied to illegal activities—even terrorist group funding. 
The PGJTEA have started educational programs in assisting its members in learning more about money laundering and its preventions. This is just one way we ensure our members observe all government regulatory programs.