Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for Members of the Pakistan Gems Jewellers Traders and Exporters Association (PGJTEA)

  • PGJTEA reputation and honour must always be maintained as priority.
  • All members irrespective of the title and membership status, should act faithfully to and for the betterment of the association and should not misuse their positions for personal benefits and gains.
  • Treat all fellow members with dignity, respect and honor at all times.
  • Follows the laws of the country and the guidelines of association.
  • Don’t Bribe anybody, anytime and for any reason.
  • Members should always be transparent and honest in all dealings including with suppliers and vendors.
  • Members must abstain from unlawful harassment in any form such as verbal, physical or visual means.
  • Leaking of confidential information to any persons or press or organization is strictly prohibited.
  • Members should avoid conflict of interest business or activities.
  • Protect all property and materials belonging to PGJTEA and prevent others from damaging or misusing them.
  • Use of recreational drugs and other banned substances is prohibited.
  • Always maintain proper records of any transactions, dealing, relevant discussions and keep these filed for easy follow-up and reference.